Reacting Live

Reacting Live

Presentation Game Changer

Reacting Live always floats over your presentation slide (keynotes, powerpoint, game streaming, discord, zoom screen sharing...) allows participant to comment and give reaction right into the screen.

This will make your presentation more interactive and fun.

How "Reacting Live App" boost and engage audiences in a presentation.

Besides delivering and performing an incredible and competent presentation, receiving feedback from attendees to the presentation is a crucial and essential point that impacts directly to the presentation's quality. Feedback is so decisive because it can help teachers to know whether their lesson is interesting or not. Feedback can help sellers to know how consumers think of a new product so that the firm can adjust and enhance the product more prominent and make satisfied the consumers, etc. Feedback and review are vital and inevitable so that it becomes critical to analyze data for real audiences.

"Reacting Live App" is developed as a boosting and engagement tool to support receiving feedback quickly in the presentation, letting audiences easily to react how they feel and share their opinions directly and intermediately on each part of the live event. Here are 9 outstanding features and incredible benefits from using the "Reacting Live App" that everyone should use to captivate a presentation or virtual event.

  1. Inspire event atmosphere: Participants can see other participants how they react at the event appearing on the screen that makes the presentation atmosphere more vivid and impressive.
  2. Quickly share emoticons: audiences can react to how they feel intermediately and right away in your presentation with various amazing emotional icons.
  3. Funny sound effects: Participants can share their interactions with icons which include a funny sound effect for each concept that it increases your presentation more stimulating and refreshing. For example bravo icon with bravo sound effect…
  4. Quickly share a review: audiences can share their opinion or leave a comment in between the presentation.
  5. Exclusive audiences: this means it only just allows participants who are invited to your event to be able to comment or share interactions during the presentation, that you can avoid spammers or disturbers from outside of the presentation.
  6. Mute function: You can control and even keep silent audiences who are so annoying or spam too many comments on the screen.
  7. Kick-out function: This function supports presentation to kick out unexpectedly audiences who do spam too much or violate the policy of live event (Note: This function is available in Premium Plan only)
  8. Feedback history: After the event, you can collect and review the feedback results from reacting history that you can analyze data in digital marketing plans, product strategies, etc. (Note: This function is available in Premium Plan only)
  9. Beginners can active with Free Plan up to 30 audiences and upgrade to Premium Plan only $7.99/monthly up to 100 audiences with other prominent functions.

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